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Join the RISE Team!


The Hamilton Lab organized an opportunity for teen mental health advocates to meet, discuss ways to promote mental health in schools, and learn about careers in psychology in April 2023!


Keep an eye out for information about upcoming events on our social media!





What is the RISE team?

The RISE team is a teen advisory and action board that operates under the Hamilton Lab. RISE stands for Research, Innovation, Support, and Education. These are the four pillars that shape our work and what we aim to do with our team members. We are here to help you, the students, grow in both personal and educational ways.

What does the RISE Team do?

The RISE Team participates in activities related to research, outreach, and professional development. Examples include reviewing lab research (such as study ideas and materials), developing mental health initiatives to launch at their own schools, and participating in seminars to gain career skills. 


What are the RISE team's goals?

The goals of the RISE team are to learn directly from teens to improve our research on teen mental health and also to help teens increase awareness of adolescent mental health in their own schools and communities. We hope for the RISE team to serve as a central hub where teens at various NJ high schools can connect, brainstorm and collaborate on various activities, projects, and events!

What type of students are we looking for?

We are looking for hard-working and curious teens who have an interest in mental health research, awareness, and education. Prior experience is never required, as we would love to serve as a student’s first experience with mental health-related opportunities. We are looking to recruit one student from each school involved! Please reach out if you don't see your school here!

What will you gain from being a RISE Team member?

You will learn about research and the scientific process, expand knowledge of mental health, further professional development and/or career skills, make connections with other NJ High school RISE Team members and our research lab at Rutgers, and hopefully make some positive changes in your school and/or community around mental health!

Applications are now open for the

RISE Team for the

2024-2025 school year.

Click here to apply!

Contact us if you have any questions!

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